We focus on improving the lives of children and teens in the local and surrounding areas. We partner with local businesses, organizations, volunteers, and the community to provide support for education, events, trips, and parties. Our goal is to provide activities that will influence academic, social and cultural growth positively.


The Carr School/Mount Pleasant Chapel is open four evenings a week for students to work on homework, projects and more. Computers are available for the children and the community . Retired teachers and college students assist the children with their studies while being passionate about providing individual help.


Our Cultural program encourages enrichment that comes from experiences as diverse as attending museums, musical and theatrical performances, the zoo, and the circus.
Research suggests adults who engage children in culturally responsive educational experiences help to: Build young children's self-confidence and skills. Increase children's awareness, appreciation, and inclusion of diverse beliefs and cultures. Maximize children's academic achievement and educational success.


A variety of social activities are offered to the children from all over the Main Line. We take field trips to museums, festivals, outings, movies, holiday parties, sporting events, and much more.